WATCH: Clemson gets absolutely jobbed by officials, Dabo Swinney goes nuts

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

During the second quarter of Saturday night’s ACC battle between Clemson and Boston College, the Tigers got royally screwed on a bad call.

Clemson was back to receive a punt. The return man called for a fair catch, but a Boston College coverage man came into his space and contacted him — the ball actually hit him as he was hitting Amari Rodgers — breaking up the play. The ball came loose, and the Eagles recovered.

This play should have resulted in a penalty against Boston College. Instead, it was ruled first down for the Eagles, and Dabo Swinney absolutely went nuts on the sideline.

This is an interesting game. Boston College hasn’t done anything on offense, and the only points scored by the Eagles came on special teams, which has been a huge factor in this contest.