WATCH: Christian Hackenberg hits reporter with ball during minicamp

Christian Hackenberg

If the New York Jets are planning an open competition at quarterback, they might want to simply go with Josh McCown and Bryce Petty.

After all, 2016 second-round pick Christian Hackenberg continues to struggle in every possible way during team off-season activities.

After reports suggested he was erratic last week, here’s Hackenberg nailing a reporter with an inaccurate pass during minicamp on Tuesday.

It was bad. Watch for yourself.


The former Penn State star has been the subject of criticism in New York since being selected last year. He was in no way prepared to see the field as a rookie. That forced the Jets to go with a combination of Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the aforementioned Petty under center. Needless to say, this didn’t work out for a team that would ultimately go on to win just five games.

One of the biggest criticisms of Hackenberg has been accuracy. The video above shows Hackenberg air-mailing a simple 15-yard out route. If this is any indication, he surely has not improved in his first full offseason as a member of the Jets.