WATCH: Chris Sale refuses to answer question about the Yankees

By Matt Johnson

Reporters are always trying to find a magical quote during the postseason. Unfortunately, several professional reporters still rely on the athlete to do all the work for them.

On Thursday, a reporter asked Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale during his pregame presser to “talk about” his success against the New York Yankees in 2018. Rather than provide a quote to the reporter’s cliche question, Sale said no.

Sale answered the reporter’s question perfectly, because it really wasn’t even a question to begin with.

The unnamed reporter could have asked Sale to explain what has made him so successful this season against the Yankees or what kind of approach he uses against hitters like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Perhaps Sale’s response will lead to fewer “talk about” questions in the future and result in more insightful questions from this reporter in the future.