WATCH: Catholic nun throws nasty curveball on ceremonial first pitch

By Matt Johnson
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While Bartolo Colon may be one of the most beloved pitchers in baseball, he could quickly face competition from Sister Mary Jo Sobieck keeps up with her ways.

Sister Sobieck of Marian Catholic High School threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Friday’s Chicago White Sox game. Not only did Sister Sobieck show some flair with the baseball before her first pitch, she also flashed some great movement on her curveball.

Sister Sobieck put 50 Cent to shame, and she showed some better movement on her pitches than some MLB pitchers have this season. Better yet, her tricks with the baseball could help Chicago draw in more fans.

If the White Sox ever get desperate and need someone to cover an inning, perhaps they should call on Sister Sobieck rather than a position player to take the mound.