WATCH: C.J. Mosley ruins amazing play on interception

By Michael Dixon

An interception is not normally a good thing for a quarterback. But Kirk Cousins threw one to Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley that worked out very well for the Washington Redskins.

We first have to credit Mosley for a fantastic effort in making the interception. That was a marvelous read and catch on Cousins.

But you have to be more careful with the ball and understand the situation. While nobody can doubt Mosley’s effort, he didn’t have great situation awareness.

This wasn’t an end of game situation where anything but a touchdown would have been bad for the Ravens. If Mosley had simply covered the ball, Baltimore would have facedĀ a first-and-goal from the one yard-line. Instead, the Ravens surrendered a touchback.

So, from throwing an interception, the RedskinsĀ gained 17 yards of field position.

Mosley also hurt himself on the play and, per the Ravens, is questionable to return.