WATCH: Bulldogs’ RB Kylin Hill jukes, hurdles defenders on insane run

© Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

At a time when college football is loaded at the running back position, Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill is quickly proving he needs more recognition. The junior is known for highlight plays, but his run against Southern Miss might be one of the best this season.

Hill slipped outside and juked a defender, then slipped out of a tackle. He wasn’t done either as he picked up steam and hurdled a defender to pick up a few extra yards and stun everyone watching.

We’ve already seen some impressive runs this year, but it’s going to be difficult for another running back to top this for quite some time. It’s an amazing moment when a running back jukes a defender and break another tackle or even just leaping over a defensive player in one single play.

Hill found a way to do all three things on one insane run. He is one of the best, young running backs in the country and plays like this will help him get that recognition.