WATCH: Brandon Marshall ends interview after things get heated

Brandon Marshall

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been an enigmatic figure throughout his 11-year career in the NFL. Earlier in his career, it stemmed from an undetected borderline personality disorder. He’s since received treatment and is an advocate of helping others who are going through the same thing.

As Marshall enters his first season with the Giants, he’s looking to end what has been a stellar on-field career with a Lombardi Trophy.

Unfortunately, the veteran receiver found himself in the news Thursday morning for reasons he simply can’t control. Appearing on theĀ Kirk & Callahan Show on WEEI in Boston, things got heated between Marshall and the hosts.

Marshall himself seemed to be looking to avoid the hot-button topic of race in the United States. But he did provide quotes that are newsworthy, something the receiver made sure to note to the hosts.

“Black guys in America get treated differently,” Marshall said. “We done with this interview? Can I get off this interview. Alright, I am done with you guys.”

Marshall was receiving pushback from the hosts after proclaiming black football players are treated differently than their white counterparts.

As it is, this is most definitely not a good look for either WEEI or Marshall himself. What should have been a light-hearted off-season interview turned ugly. At the very least, Marshall knew when to end the conversation. We can applaud him for that.