WATCH: Brandon Lloyd has Some Hops

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Lloyd has been somewhat of an afterthought thus far this season. After sitting out the entire 2013 campaign, Lloyd was a long shot to make the roster when he signed in the offseason. And through the first four games of the regular year, he didn’t make much of an impact.

That changed on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Lloyd led the 49ers with 76 yards on three receptions in their 22-17 victory over Alex Smith and Co.

But it was this one play that is drawing rave reviews around the football community.

It really does like like Lloyd was jumping off a trampoline on this specific play. It was also a huge 38-yard gain on third and long with the team down by one in the final quarter.

If you look at 49ers personnel and players on the sideline, they were in absolute shock of the catch. Antoine Bethea (No. 41) could believe what was transpiring in front of him. Meanwhile, second-year running back Marcus Lattimore (top left) copied the astonished look that many of us had when seeing this play live.