WATCH: Brandon Browner takes apparent cheap shot instead of making a tackle

By Jesse Reed

It’s been a horrible season for New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Browner, but his apparent act of revenge Sunday in the team’s embarrassing 47-14 loss to Washington takes the cake.

During Matt Jones’ 78-yard touchdown catch and run in the second quarter, Browner appeared to have a shot at taking down the running back in the open field. Rather than attempt the tackle, however, the cornerback decided to take an a shot of a different type at guard Spencer Long.

One could assume Long did something to Browner earlier in the game he didn’t like, but that doesn’t excuse such a blatant disrespect shown by the veteran to his own teammates on this play.

Browner appears to be completely out of control.

Just last weekend he went off on a profanity-laced tirade at a reporter for asking a question he apparently didn’t approve of after the Saints lost in overtime to the Tennessee Titans.

He’s also been burned on multiple occasions this year on the perimeter, and the team as a whole appears to be falling apart. Plays like this one above could be the symptom of something greater at work within the organization, which could potentially see head coach Sean Payton bolt for greener pastures after the season.