WATCH: Brandin Cooks ruled out with head injury after huge hit

Patriots receiver Brandin Cooks

The start of Super Bowl LII didn’t not go too swimmingly for New England Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

On the team’s second drive of the game, Cooks attempted to hurdle a defender on a third-down play. As evidenced by the reactions on social media, it didn’t go too well for him.

Then, on the very next drive, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins absolutely leveled Cooks after a catch.

Cooks found himself on the turf for a while at U.S Bank Stadium in Minnesota before having to head to the locker room for further evaluation. The play in question did not draw a flag, as Cooks was a runner, not a receiver, at the time of the Jenkins hit. Of course, that non-call is left up for interpretation.

Almost immediately, Cooks was ruled out for the remainder of the game with a head injury.

Needless to say, this injury is going to have a major impact on the Patriots moving forward in the game. It’s also the second time in as many games that New England has lost a top pass catcher with a head injury.