WATCH: Bird’s-eye view of Travis Stone calling Kentucky Derby is pretty amazing

Kentucky Derby announcer Travis Stone did a masterful job

The Kentucky Derby is known as The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s an incredible spectacle, and Saturday’s 144th running of the Derby, on a sloppy track at Churchill Downs, was yet another shining example of just how intense the action gets.

One of the people who makes the television broadcast so compelling is Triple Crown announcer Travis Stone, who always does an amazing job calling these intense races. On Sunday, the Kentucky Derby released a unique view of Stone calling the race from the seventh floor, above everyone else at the racetrack.

Check out Stone in action as he masterfully calls the race, binoculars in hand from a vantage point few will ever see in person.

This unique view of Stone shows just how incredibly prepared he is for this race. He knows every horse by number without referencing the notes he had handy, just in case.

While the rest of us had hearts pounding watching these magnificent animals in action, he’s in his element, calling out the action with the skill and clarity that only the best can manage.