WATCH: Ballboy makes amazing diving catch, A’s bullpen loves it

An Oakland A’s ballboy made the play of the game yesterday diving for a foul ball and snagging it with exceptional skill usually reserved for the men on the field.

In the bottom of the second inning, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Erasmo Ramirez dealt to Marcus Semien on a 2-and-1 count when the ball jumped off the bat of Semien. It was a laser shot that screamed past third base on the foul side, setting up this remarkable show of athleticism and skill from the ballboy.

The diving catch drew a round of applause from the crowd in Oakland, and it earned the ballboy a round of fist-bumps from the pitchers in the A’s bullpen.

No doubt, this young man will be glowing in the aftermath of his spotlight moment for days to come.