WATCH: Arkansas players collide in backfield on outrageously bad play

Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Innovation can be a great thing on offense, but it takes execution to actually make it work. Arkansas learned this the hard way on Saturday with an embarrassing gaffe against LSU.

On second down in the second quarter, Arkansas tried to pull off a reverse of some sort. Instead, running back Rakeem Boyd and wide receiver Jordan Jones put the hit stick on each other will an ugly collision.

The play seemed designed to go to Jones, but Boyd either missed the message or just went the wrong direction. Of course, that shouldn’t be too surprising from a sophomore on a two-win team.

Fortunately, this play likely won’t prove costly to Arkansas’ chances at a win on Saturday. However, that’s mostly because the Razorbacks already trailed 14-0 and this team seems to have a lot of problems.