WATCH: Aqib Talib rips chain off Michael Crabtree’s neck

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Aqib Talib is known for his chippy attitude on the field, and it showed up in a huge way Sunday going up against Michael Crabtree.

The two players are both well versed in the art of trash talking, and they exchanged some verbal jabs before Talib crossed the line by ripping Crabtree’s gold chain right off his neck.

Making things worse for Oakland is the fact that they’re down in this game, 17-0, and that backup quarterback Matt McGloin has exited with an injury. Connor Cook is now the man behind center, and the Raiders offense is not in good shape at all at the worst possible time of the year.

For what it’s worth, Crabtree has caught just three catches for 21 yards in this game.