WATCH: Alex Rodriguez flipping burgers at Wahlburgers

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

How do you ground the ego of a man that’s worth north of $300 million and gets to go home to Jennifer Lopez every night?

If you’re Mark Wahlburg, make sure he loses a bet that forces the dude to flip burgers at your fast food joint.

Former New York Yankees great Alex Rodriguez just posted a video of him working at Wahlburgers, a fast food burger joint.

The reason? We’re glad you asked. Rodriguez lost a bet with Marky Mark, a noted Boston Red Sox fan, when his team swept the New York Yankees in series last month.

The end result? This amazing video.


We have to hand it to A-Rod. He’s certainly a man of his word.

It is fitting to see Rodriguez mopping floors and cleaning off tables. After all, Boston mopped the floor with New York and ran the table on them big time. Very punny, right?

On a semi-serious note, we’d love to know how long Rodriguez actually did the dirty work. It looked to be more of a photo-op than anything else. That’s disappointing. Who here didn’t want to see him work eight hours with two 10-minute breaks and 30-minute lunch?