WATCH: Adrian Peterson does ‘Bad Lip Reading’ scene

New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson

Who doesn’t secretly enjoy the cheesy, but comical “Bad Lip Reading” segments published throughout the year?

This following video includes a clip on running back Adrian Peterson when he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings, carrying on with Fox’s Pam Oliver about “orange peanuts.”

Well, apparently, Peterson’s new Saints team thought it would be fun to have the running back reenact the segment.

Let’s just say that Peterson should stick to football as his full-time career. His acting is a bit forced and he looks mildly uncomfortable square on with the camera in his face. But in the end, AP nailed his “orange peanut” segment to a tee.

It is a Friday, and the Saints’ social media gang seems to be quite giddy heading into the weekend.

Cheers and orange peanuts for all!