WATCH: Aaron Rodgers mentors Josh Rosen ahead of the draft

Bills Josh Rosen

With the 2018 NFL Draft getting closer, the top quarterback prospects are making their visits around the league. One meetup in particular consisted of UCLA’s quarterback Josh Rosen receiving some one-on-one mentoring from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The pair worked on hand and eye coordination and how a quick release is key. Rosen also joked about Rodgers’ sarcastic sense of humor which he accepted well.

They also talked speed of the drop which Rodgers says will become second nature.

Within the video were featured highlights from Rosen’s pro day at UCLA. Rosen is expected to be selected within the top five picks of the draft. He passed for a total of 9,340 yards and 59 touchdowns during his three years playing at UCLA.

Rosen was fortunate to be able to soak in some last-minute mentoring from one of the league’s future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in that of the legendary Rodgers.