WATCH: Aaron Judge rips 117 MPH laser-shot HR

Aaron Judge home run New York Yankees

On Tuesday night, it was Giancarlo Stanton who sent a ball into the bleachers in record time. One day later against the same hated Red Sox, Aaron Judge matched his teammate’s laser shot with an absolutely scalding two-run homer in the eighth inning.

He quite simply destroyed this pitch off Craig Kimbrel to give the Bronx Bombers a 9-6 lead over their rival.

We don’t really need Statcast to tell us that ball was hammered out at an ungodly pace. Nevertheless, here are the stats, and they’re predictably staggering.

The Yankees are on some kind of roll right now as a team. The bats are waking up in a big way, and we haven’t even gotten to the summer months when they’ll travel even further. Get your popcorn ready, because it should be some kind of incredible show.