WATCH: Aaron Donald shows off freaky physique

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is a freak on the football field, and apparently he’s a freak in the gym as well.

The 6-foot-1, 285-pound dynamo is seeking a new contract, one that could make him the highest-paid defender in the NFL. Nobody would argue he’s not worth such a haul, either, including the Rams COO. In his first three seasons as a pro, Donald has racked up 163 total tackles, 28 sacks and four forced fumbles.

He’s always making plays, even when he’s not the one making the play on the ball. Opposing offensive linemen have learned to fear him because of this.

Based on a video posted on his Instagram account, he’s going to continue dominating offensive linemen for the foreseeable future.


Donald is a physically gifted young man. He also works his butt off, as you can clearly see. His muscles have muscles.

The Rams better sign this man to a contract soon. They’ll need him, and every other player on the roster, putting forth nothing but their best in 2017 to avoid another disappointing season in Los Angeles.