WATCH: Aaron Boone ejected, Brett Gardner loses his mind

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The New York Yankees had to wait a little bit before their game against the Tampa Bay Rays got started Thursday afternoon in th Bronx.

Manager Aaron Boone and outfielder Brett Gardner were not too excited about the wait. More than that, they seemingly had an issue with home plate umpire Brennan Miller after Gardner struck out in the second inning.

It’s not that two were upset with an ump that makes news here. Rather, it’s Gardner’s hissy fit in the dugout that’s the headliner here.

First, Gardner takes issue with where helmets are held. Then, he goes after the roof of the dugout with his baseball bat.

It’s absolutely epic. Go ahead, watch it over and over again.

Just for good measure, here’s another.

Not to be outdone, Yankees manager Aaron Boone got thrown out of the game arguing balls and strikes.

Apparently, Boone was late for a meeting or something.