Washington LB in response to Davante Adams: ‘I’m always headhunting’

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Washington linebacker Zach Brown is going to take a fair bit of criticism after a disappointing reaction to Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

ProFootballTalk posted a link to Adams, the recipient of two brutal helmet-to-helmet hits this season, saying that football is dangerous enough without players headhunting.

Almost immediately, Brown responded to the tweet saying, “Tell him don’t play…. cause I’m always headhunting.” Dan Steinberg of theĀ Washington Post shared a screenshot.

“Look, don’t play football if u don’t wanna get hit or hurt. So stop crying about getting hit !!! You know what u sign up for,” Brown also posted.

If “yikes” was your first reaction, well, you’re not alone.

Brown has amassed 127 tackles this year and never recorded fewer than 77 in a season, so he’s always been around the ball quite often. As the NFL believes it’s trying to make the game safer, Brown’s mindset shows the problem the league is facing in this endeavor.

Football is a violent sport. Defenders want to destroy ball-carriers, and blockers want to crush everything in their path. Helmets are going to smash in the process.

But you’d hope that all players recognize the damage head injuries are having on current and former players. They understand the inherent risks, but players don’t need to increase the problem by purposefully aiming for heads.

That’s only going to jeopardize the long-term future of a sport already in question. Brown’s attitude toward tackling is not unique, but it is especially dangerous.