Warriors still overwhelming favorites after flurry of NBA trades

Vincent Frank
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s NBA trade deadline was more active than ever before. Having changed the entire makeup of the Association, the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors are primarily responsible for this.

Teams back east saw an opening and took advantage. That included the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers each making blockbuster deals.

How did the NBA’s trade deadline shake up the Association heading into the All-Star Break? Our good friends over at Monster Roster provided the latest championship odds. And in what can’t be seen as a surprise, the Warriors are still overwhelming favorites.

  • Golden State Warriors: -210
  • Boston Celtics: +850
  • Toronto Raptors: +900
  • Milwaukee Bucks: +950
  • Houston Rockets: +1200
  • Philadelphia 76ers: +1300
  • Denver Nuggets: +1800
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: +1800
  • Los Angeles Lakers: +1900

As you can see, the Sixers’ addition of Tobias Harris didn’t do a whole lot to change their championship odds. That’s a rather alarming fact given how much Philadelphia paid to land the borderline All-Star.

Out west, the Los Angeles Lakers’ lack of premium upgrades during the deadline impacted their championship odds in a big way.

As it relates to who might come out of the east and potentially take on Golden State in the NBA Finals, Boston is a slim favorite.

  • Boston Celtics: +170
  • Toronto Raptors: +180
  • Milwaukee Bucks: +190
  • Philadelphia 76ers: +260

Meanwhile, no one is really taking another team out west.

  • Golden State Warriors: -325
  • Houston Rockets: +800
  • Denver Nuggets: +950
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: +950
  • Los Angeles Lakers: +1100

That’s some absolutely crazy stuff right there. Hint, don’t put money on the Warriors if you’re looking to win big. They don’t even boast even odds right now.

Good news for the rest of the NBA? Monster Roster gives the New York Knicks the best odds of landing Kevin Durant in free agency at -105. The Warriors are at +105 to retain him.