Warriors GM: Team won’t call Nick Young ‘Swaggy P’

Nick Young

Nick Young is the newest member of the Golden State Warriors and he’s already brought some controversy, although it is lighthearted. Will the “Swaggy P” moniker come with him to Golden State?

For his part, Young doesn’t think that doing away with the nickname is possible. He feels that the fans simply won’t recognize him as anything else.

“I don’t think I could drop that. The fans like it, you know? They wouldn’t let me,” Young said. “I tried and they just don’t call me Nick no more. I think I’m just going to stick with that.”

Team general manager Bob Myers, however, is not interested in calling him anything other than “Nick Young.”

Young might have a point. The fans will ultimately have a lot of say in what he’s called. It’s hard to imagine Swaggy P going away completely, regardless of what name the Warriors’ front office prefers.