Warriors foot entire bill for $4 million championship parade

The Golden State Warriors foot the entire $4 million bill for their championship parade.

Like most professional sports teams, the Golden State Warriors are an extension of the community in which they play. Set to move to San Francisco in a couple years, the defending champions have also made sure to do what it can for the long downtrodden Oakland area.

Whether it’s Kevin Durant building basketball courts for under-privileged children or Stephen Curry donating MVP prizes to charity, the Warriors have done a lot of good within the Oakland community.

Fresh off their second NBA title in three years, the Warriors continued with this theme on Thursday. Draymond Green may have stolen the show during Golden State’s championship parade, but it’s what the team did financially that we should pay attention to.

The Warriors footed the entire $4 million bill for the championship parade. Typically, the cost is split between the city and the team.

“We recognize that times are hard and this city in particular has had its share of issues over the years,” Warriors owner Joe Lacob said, via KNBR. “There are a lot of fundamental needs — police, schools — we’d just like to say: this parade, this whole day, all the costs, every dollar is on us. It’s our gift to the city of Oakland.”

A total of $4 million might not seem like a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. But with what’s going on Oakland — police and teacher layoffs included — it is most definitely an awesome gesture. This is one of the reasons the Warriors’ franchise remains a powerhouse.