Von Miller on contract status: ‘I can’t see myself with another team’

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Things in Denver are far from settled when it comes to the Broncos and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller reaching an agreement on a long-term contract.

Although, it doesn’t look like Miller will resort to drastic measures to get his way.

When asked during an interview with Chelsea Handler if he will consider skipping games, Miller flatly responded with a firm no. He also shared this regarding the possibility he might look to play for another club.


“We still have a month. I just can’t see myself with another team,” Miller said.

Thankfully, Miller’s head appears to be on straight while the two parties are at a stalemate.

Miller has exactly one month to see if the Broncos will better their current offer of $114.5 million for six years that includes $38.5 million guaranteed for two years. As it stands, Miller is seeking upwards of $70 million guaranteed for three years.

If the Broncos don’t budge, Miller could reconsider and agree to the existing deal, provided it is still on the table. Or at the very least, Miller can sign off on his $14.129 million franchise tender and shelve the contract negotiations for a later time.

Either way, it doesn’t look like Miller is prepared sacrifice the team’s future success by threatening a holdout.