Von Miller congratulates Brock Osweiler and Malik Jackson for big deals

By Rachel Wold
Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

While the Denver Broncos attempt to iron out a long-term deal for linebacker Von Miller, the team placed a franchise tag on him for $14.129 million to keep him with the team through 2016.

Apparently satisfied with his current status, Miller congratulated former teammates Brock Osweiler and Malik Jackson for landing big contracts of their own.

Miller posted this clever meme to his Instagram account and tagged both Osweiler and Jackson who are posed lying on a huge bed of cash.


Miller did offer his congratulations and referred to the pair as his “brothers.”

On Tuesday, Jackson jumped ship when the Jacksonville Jaguars offered him a sweet, six-year deal worth up to $85 million that pales in comparison to the reported $11 million per year then Denver offered.

The Broncos lost another team member when Osweiler went for the big bucks offered to him by the Houston Texans. On Wednesday, Osweiler completed the line he had started drawing in the sand when he signed a massive four-year $72 million contract. He reportedly snubbed the $45 million the Broncos were willing to offer on a three-year contract.

Prudent with good reason, the Broncos simply weren’t going to match or exceed the offers that Osweiler and Jackson went for due to performance. With that said, the NFL is a business, and both players had to do what they felt was best personally and financially for their careers.