Von Miller: Anyone counting Johnny Manziel out ‘is just wrong’

Even in the midst of one of the NFL’s most legendary nosedives, Manziel can count on Von Miller to be his greatest advocate.

Manziel was last seen partying it up with Ryan Silverstein in the California desert for Coachella. In the last week, he’s lied to the media about staying with Miller, has been less than truthful about his drinking, reportedly destroyed a Los Angeles area rental home, where drugs were found and was a passenger in a hit-and-run accident.

You’d think that anyone, including Manziel’s closest friends, would be second-thinking his ability to come back and resurrect his destroyed NFL career.

That said, Miller isn’t among that number. Instead, the Denver Broncos linebacker cautioned all of us that counting out Manziel at this point is premature, though he does realize that football is a long ways away in the grand scheme of things, per Avi Zaleon of SportsDay:

“Yea, I want to help get Johnny back to Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football, that’s beside the fact. I want to get Johnny back to being Johnny Manziel. I remember what it was for me when I was in a similar situation, it was the people around me that helped motivate me to get to the same Von that I was.

“He’s had people walk out on him. He’s had people who have given up on him. I’m not going to be that guy. I’ve never been that guy. Johnny’s my brother. I didn’t play with him at Texas A&M, but he’s my brother and we have a unique relationship. I’m here to help him no matter what it is. I’m tied to him, good or bad.¬†You can’t ever count anybody out and I think everybody who has¬†counted him out is just wrong.

“You have to take life one day at a time and I’m here with him and I’m here to remind him that I’m here to help him.”

This is some clutch friendship stuff happening right now between Miller and Manziel.

Miller has said in the past that he’d love to have Manziel quarterbacking his team, but at this point that’s not the issue. The issue here is that Manziel seemingly has gone off the deep end and desperately needs help.

But he isn’t the first one who’s found himself in this situation. Miller and many other professional athletes (not to mention people of all professions) have hit the bottom, which never looks pretty, only to springboard off that sucker with a passion to become the best version they’d ever been before.

Miller was, at one point, in big trouble after being hit with a six-game suspension after a dirty pee test busted him for recreational drug use. Yet he seems to have put that part of his life behind him and has not only become one of the NFL’s biggest superstars but also a Super Bowl MVP and international celebrity.

So, as bad as it seems right now, Miller’s point is a salient one. Manziel could come back. He could turn his life around and become a terrific NFL passer after all this is behind him.

Miller revealed he speaks with Manziel every day, via Facetime. With a friend like this in his corner, Manziel might not be done after all.