Visiting LoanDepot Park: This is what you need to know

Loandepot Park

If you are heading to LoanDepot Park for some MLB Miami Marlins action, then we’ve got everything covered. Including where to eat, park, and stay:

What to eat at LoanDepot Park?

There are multiple places you can eat at LoanDepot Park. You have so many options you can choose from. We have listed the different places to eat and the sections they are in. Serving classic ballpark fares like hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, and pretzels:

  • Obie’s, Section 13: Another location that is serving ballpark favorites.
  • Pincho, Section 19: It is Latin-inspired burgers and bowels that are served fresh.
  • Magic City BBQ, Section 7: Southern flavors that feature hickory slow-smoked pork nachos, shredded pork sandwiches, and smokehouse hot dogs.
  • Bites de la Calle, Section 8: Miami’s favorite street foods like smothered hot dogs, unique ballpark Salchipapas, and tropical-flavored Latin nachos.
  • Street Taco, Section 19: Street tacos that feature Asian chicken and beef.
  • Fowl Pole, Section 5: Serving all things that are chicken.
  • Goya presents La Cocina, Section 40 – Enjoy the Caribbean-inspired food and sandwiches.
  • Sweets, Section 26: Desserts are anything from bubble waffles, ice cream cookie sandwiches, sweet pretzels, and more.
  • The Chane Up, Section 2: Has a rotating menu concept that serves a variety of cuisines throughout the season.
  • Miami Best Pizza at The Park, Section 10: The only since 1970.
  • SuViche, Section 23: Beautifully crafted sushi rolls and other Peruvian specialties.
  • Novecento, Section 24: Empanadas that are made from scratch and crafted for the ballpark.
  • Top Dog, Section 4: The best place for a hot dog at the ballpark.
  • El Mercadito, Section 1: A great choice for fresh and healthy food with grab-and-go options.

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Best-rated hotels near LoanDepot Park?

These are the best-rated hotels that are also the closest to LoanDepot Park.

Best-rated restaurants near LoanDepot Park?

These are the best-rated restaurants that are close to LoanDepot Park.

Where to park at LoanDepot Park?

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There are different garages for the LoanDepot Park. The Home Plate Garage, Third Base Garage, and the East 1, West 1, and West 2 lots are prepaid parking only. On game day, all remaining lots are available for purchase.

  • W1, W2, W3
  • E1, Humana Lot(E2), E3
  • Home Plate Garage (Reserved)

See the prices to park below in the LoadDepot Park FAQ.

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins

LoanDepot Park FAQ

How much is parking at LoanDepot Park?

– W1, W2, W3 – $15-$25
– E1, Humana Lot(E2), E3 – $15-$25
– Home Plate Garage (Reserved) $20-$25

Where is LoanDepot Park?

The park is located at 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125

Who plays at LoanDepot Park?

The Miami Marlins play at LoanDepot Park.

What time does LoanDepot Park open?

The gates will open to the public 90 minutes before the first pitch.

Does LoanDepot Park have a roof?

LoanDepot Park has a retractable roof. Due to the heat, humidity, and rain in Miami, the roof is left open for about 14% of the game.

Is LoanDepot Park air-conditioned?

With the retractable roof, the LoanDepot park has a huge air conditioning system since it isn’t open for a lot of the games.

What is the capacity of LoanDepot Park?

The capacity of LoanDepot Park is 36,472. This is also the capacity of the stadium and the number of seats it has.

How old is LoanDepot Park?

LoanDepot Park opened in March 2012, with construction beginning in July 2009.

Who owns LoanDepot Park?

Miami-Dade County owns the LoanDepot park.

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