Villanova’s blowout win over Michigan produced record-low TV ratings

Donte DiVincenzo

Monday night’s blowout win for Villanova over Michigan in the National Championship Game was entertaining for those who watched and weren’t Wolverines fans. However, the title game delivered a record-low overnight television rating, and not by a little bit, either.

Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily shared the following information on Tuesday morning.

As Karp notes, blowouts aren’t good for ratings. That said, maybe next year, the NCAA won’t tip off its men’s basketball title game at 9:20 p.m. ET. The late start likely had plenty to do with the ratings as well.

We’ve seen a general decline in ratings across the board in sports this year. The NFL has been in the spotlight due to its preeminence as the king of American sports. However, it’s clear that viewership is either down in general, or that fans are consuming their sports in other ways.