Vikings Head Coach on Adrian Peterson: ‘He can play for us, or not play (at all)’

By Jesse Reed

Adrian Peterson isn’t going anywhere this season.

He’s either going to play for the Minnesota Vikings or nowhere at all, according to head coach Mike Zimmer.

This strong statement comes on the heels of Peterson’s decision┬áto not show up for OTAs, as well as rumors that he has been considering retirement this offseason.

As most are likely aware by now, Peterson has been upset with the organization for what he views as poor treatment last season during his legal troubles. He has hinted at wanting a trade as well as wanting more money this year for his services.

Never mind the star running back is already owed $45 million the next three years.

This appears to be a situation where Peterson will likely hold out of training camp, if not longer. He is playing hardball with the Vikings, but he fails to realize he has absolutely zero leverage. As Zimmer stated, he’s either going to play this year in Minnesota, or he’s not playing anywhere at all.

If he doesn’t play, he doesn’t get paid.

And ultimately, given those high stakes, it would seem Peterson will relent at some point. That said, he hasn’t been dealing with anything in any logical way since last year. It’s anybody’s guess what will actually happen.

It seems equally plausible that Peterson could play this year or never play again.