Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer Has an “Indication” When Adrian Peterson Will Show Up

By Rachel Wold

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been elusive thus far in the team’s voluntary workouts. His absence is a statement that has everything to do with the fact that he wants more money and wishes to play for another team.

While there seems to be a pretty big impasse between Peterson and the Vikings, head coach Mike Zimmer doesn’t appear to be too worried about when the running back will show up.

“I think I do have an indication,” Zimmer said, via ESPN Radio. “It’s up to Adrian, really. He’s the guy you should ask … We’d like all our players here. It’s the voluntary time of year right now and it’s his decision in what he wants to do.”

It’s possible the head coach could be referring to mandatory workouts. While that would take a lot of backtracking on Peterson’s part, it would also help him avoid a fine. At the very least, Minnesota has to expect Peterson to be there for training camp.

Based on Zimmer’s comments, it appears he really does not have much insight into Peterson’s plans—plans that could realistically see the running back hold out for more money.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on moving forward.

Photo: USA Today Sports