Video Surfaces of Florida State QB De’Andre Johnson Punching a Woman

By Vincent Frank

Back in June, Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly punching a woman in a Tallahassee bar. Immediately after the incident, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher suspended Johnson indefinitely.

What we all had previously called an alleged attack doesn’t appear to be the case after video surveillance at the bar shows Johnson laying a punch to a woman he was engaged in an argument with.

The fight escalates at about the 1:50 mark, with Johnson throwing a punch shortly thereafter:

Here’s a condensed version of the incident:

The video does show the victim attempting to throw a punch Johnson’s way, but that in no way justifies him attacking her in the brutal manner that he did. Let’s stop with the victim blaming before it really gets started.

Johnson, 19, wasn’t considered one of the primary contenders for Florida State’s starting gig. However, as an incoming freshman, he did seem to have a future with the Seminoles program—a future that likely doesn’t exist following this incident.

Photo: USA Today Sports