Video shows Marcus Peters coming off bench, threatening fan

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At some point during Sunday night’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters came off the bench and got into it with a fan in the stands.

The video of the altercation contains language we won’t share (you can watch it here). Peters was sitting on the bench when he heard someone heckling him from behind in the stands. He then got up off the bench, walked over to the fan and threatened him.

Peters asks the fan, as he walks over to him, “Where you from? Where you from, (expletive)? Yeah, talk that (expletive) now (expletive), square a** (expletive).”

Players endure plenty of abuse from fans. But Peters should not have escalated this situation the way he did. And he’s lucky nothing came out of it other than some words.

Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register noted that Sean McVay is going to comment on the video at some point Monday, meaning the team is very much aware of it.