Video shows Jeremy Lane crying in pain during NFLer’s arrest

Jeremy Lane

Former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane was arrested for a DUI by a Washington State Patrol officer back in January. Almost immediately, Seattle cut ties with the veteran.

Ultimately, Lane pled guilty to a lesser charge and faces up to one year in jail.

Now comes this video obtained by TMZ SPorts that doesn’t necessarily depict the officer in the best of lights. First off, Lane didn’t understand why he was being arrested for a DUI when a test at the scene showed him to be well under the legal limit. The officer then claims that a combination of marijuana and alcohol caused Lane to drive erratically. The marijuana aspect is something Lane himself admitted to during the arrest.

The video then shows Lane to be crying out in pain (literally) as the officer placed handcuffs on him. The 27-year-old cornerback claimed that the cuffs were too tight and cutting off circulation.

Here’s the video in question.

Officials in Washington state have no comment on the incident in question. Though, it’s rather apparent that Lane himself was under duress. Whether that leads to an investigation remains to be seen.

For now, Lane remains unemployed and is facing a sentencing hearing on the charge he pled guilty to.