VIDEO: David Letterman’s Most Memorable Sports Moments

By Malcolm Michaels

Hundreds of millions of people have grown up on David Letterman over the past 33 years. Dave is putting his career to bed on Wednesday night. Perhaps like his hero, Johnny Carson, we may never hear from him again. If that’s the case, so be it.

It’s been a heck of a ride, especially for those of us who got to see this Indiana-born, self-proclaimed “TV boy” during his best moments.

David Letterman was the rebellious, lovable guy that most of us children of the 80’s loved hanging out with every night during the week. From Jack Hanna to Larry “Bud” Melman to Crispin Glover going crazy, Late Night with David Letterman was the best of Dave and the best of TV.

When Letterman didn’t get the Tonight Show after Johnny retired, he was off to CBS for the Late Show. His demeanor seemingly changed and he became more angry during the 1990’s, perhaps hurt from being passed over for Jay Leno at NBC. It remained great television, yet the anger had a lasting effect. Once the new millennium hit, Letterman seemed to get increasingly political and almost bitter as new competition from Jon Stewart and others peeled away his audience.

The good news for all of the long-time David Letterman fans is that we have seemingly come full-circle since he announced his retirement last year.

The rebellious and lovable Dave has returned.

Enjoy some of David Letterman’s most memorable sports moments from America’s greatest “TV boy” of all-time.

Andy Kauffman vs. Jerry Lawler (1982) 

Mike Schmidt’s Inside Pitch (1988) 

Art Donovan, Former NFL Player (1988) 

Dale Earnhadt’s Top 10 (1998) 

Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees (1985) 

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls (1986)

Dave Pitches to Mark McGwire (1998) 

Photo: Rolling Stone