Vegas odds on LeBron James joining the Lakers are staggering

LeBron James

According to Vegas, any thought given to the idea that LeBron James won’t be suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers next season can now almost certainly be thrown out the window.

According to this online oddsmaker, the Lakers are now -5,000 favorites to land LeBron.

What exactly does that mean? You’d have to bet $5,000 on the Lakers landing LeBron to cash in to the tune of $100. That’s 50-to-1 odds right there. Yeah, Vegas is definitely hedging its bets on the Lake Show being LeBron’s show here soon.

On that note, LeBron headed from his vacation in the Caribbean to Los Angeles on his private jet Saturday. This comes on the heels of the start of free agency Sunday morning.

It’s not too hard to read between the lines here.

If James does indeed land in Los Angeles, the next question will be who joins him with the team. The Lakers continue to have talks with San Antonio surrounding Kawhi Leonard. If the two were to team up in Southern California, the Lakers would immediately become one of the top threats to dethrone the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors.