Urban Meyer: Braxton Miller likely to throw in 2015

Ohio State’s third quarterback no longer lines up under center, but Braxton Miller will likely have a chance to throw a pass in 2015, according to head coach Urban Meyer.

According to ESPN’s Austin Ward, Meyer said Miller is getting close to the point where he could throw a pass, and it could happen sooner rather than later.

“It’s getting real close that he’s going to be able to throw for us. You might potentially see a pass with him this week.”

That’s a very non-committal guarantee from Meyer, who certainly doesn’t want to give away Ohio State’s plan but isn’t exactly shocking the world with the news. Miller spent two seasons as the starting quarterback before a shoulder injury and the emergence of J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones complicated the situation.

Miller’s decision to switch positions was smart because he wouldn’t have started anyway, and the NFL likely prefers him as a receiver or running back anyway.

However, that doesn’t mean the Buckeyes should shy away from giving Miller an opportunity to throw. Ohio State likely needs to work on finding consistent results from a gadget formation—like the Wildcat—where Miller takes the snap anyway.

Additionally, Meyer probably doesn’t want to put Miller’s pass on film before conference play even begins. If a Big Ten opponent is ready for Miller to throw out of a specific look, the play-call’s effectiveness dips significantly.

Ohio State faces two more nonconference foes—Northern Illinois and Western Michigan—before opening Big Ten action against Indiana. Expect Meyer to experiment with Miller’s arm sometime soon.