Tyronn Lue on Warriors: ‘Best I’ve ever seen’

Tyronn Lue
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Tyronn Lue made the mistake of saying the Boston Celtics were easier to defend than the Golden State Warriors. He knows that now.

After watching his Cavs get blown out of Oracle Arena Thursday night by the score of 113-91, Lue had a couple of profound statements in his post-game presser.

From the moment Andre Iguodala dunked over Kyrie Irving (watch here), Golden State began to romp over its postseason rival. By the time halftime rolled around it was only an eight-point game, but it felt like so much more than that.

The Warriors put their foot on the gas pedal in the third quarter and never looked back, with Kevin Durant starring in a performance that saw him dominate none other than LeBron James.

Now that Cleveland has a taste of Golden State’s Durant-fueled offense, one that also features a healthy Stephen Curry, they know what needs to be done to slow down this juggernaut. But do they have enough firepower of their own to make it happen? That’s a question we can’t wait to find the answer to in the coming games.