Tyrod Taylor pinpoints when it will be time to retire

When we watch Tyrod Taylor in action in an NFL game from now on, we’ll know one thing. He’s having fun.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback — back with the team at a discounted rate after an offseason of questions — doesn’t know when he’ll retire. But Taylor does know what will cause him to hang up the cleats.

That’s certainly the ideal attitude.

While we all take football seriously at times, it’s important to remember that it is a game. At itsĀ core, sportĀ is meant to be fun.

We can only hope that this is actually when Taylor retires. Too often, athletes become “done with it” when they’re not good enough anymore. They may not want to retire, but teams tell them it’s time. We also hope that he doesn’t have his career ended with an injury, or have anything pop up that would force him to stay on after it becomes fun.

Taylor’s attitude is idealistic, and one that athletes across sports should work to emulate.