Tyrod Taylor: ‘I definitely think I can take it to the next level’

Tyrod Taylor has certainly been a serviceable quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. But unless he elevates his game, it’s hard to see the team becoming a true playoff contender.

Fortunately for the Bills and their fans, Taylor is optimistic. The quarterback seems to like the possibilities that are coming with the new offense under the guidance of first-year head coach in Sean McDermott and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

“I definitely think I can take it to the next level,” Taylor said on Thursday, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “It’s something that I’ve focused on throughout this offseason, which is to continue to keep digesting the offense and trying to be better at it each day. Like I said, this offense allows us to spread the ball around, allows me to get on the edge with the keepers, and matching up with the run game that we’re doing. I’m excited about the week that we’ve had thus far, just got to continue to keep building throughout OTA’s and minicamp moving into training camp.”

The more pessimistic outlook says that Taylor has to say something like this. Nobody is going to say anything negative to the press at this time of the year. So, while Taylor was reasonably specific, the comments don’t necessarily mean much.

On the other hand, we have to look at Dennison’s track record.

He was the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos in 2015 when they won the Super Bowl. It was a defense first team, but the offense was competent. Not only was the offense competent, but it was competent with an obviously in decline Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler under center. If Dennison could find a way to make that work, getting Taylor to the next level doesn’t seem too crazy to think about.