Ty Lawson Bets on Himself, Gives Up Guaranteed Cash

Alcoholism is no laughing matter. It can impact even the best of people and their families. For new Houston Rockets guard Ty Lawson, his fame and fortune in the NBA is on the line due to a chemical dependency that was out of control.

Prior to being traded from the Denver Nuggets to Houston over the weekend, Lawson’s name appeared in the media for all the wrong reasons. He was arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles on Thursday—his second DUI arrest this year alone.

As news trickled out of Lawson’s latest off-court issue, concern quickly took over the narrative, quieting trade rumors that had previously surrounded Lawson.

And within days, the former first-round pick had checked himself into rehab.

Now fully focused on getting his house in order off the court, Lawson has given up the $13 million-plus guaranteed salary he was set to receive for the 2016-17 season. That decision came as a condition of the deal that sent him to Houston:

If Lawson performs well and stays out of trouble off the court, there’s no reason to believe he won’t collect that $13.2 million salary in addition to the $12.4 million he’s set to earn this upcoming season. If he falters and shows signs of regression in his battle against alcoholism, the enigmatic guard will be out half of the salary remaining on his current deal.

If this is not a sign of Lawson finally starting to take himself seriously, I have no idea what is. Let’s all just hope he can overcome this fork in the road, because the talent is surely there for Lawson to success in the NBA moving forward.

Photo: USA Today Sports