Twitter roasts James Harden for flop on Draymond Green

James Harden

During the second quarter of Sunday night’s Game 3 in Oakland featuring the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, James Harden put up a less than stellar effort guarding Draymond Green.

Not surprisingly, Harden flopped.

Now, before we get into the way folks reacted to the flop itself, we will say that, upon review, it looked like Green did push Harden. But it wasn’t much of a push. That didn’t stop Harden from dropping like a felled tree.

Now, onto the reactions!



That last point is not wrong. In case you missed the Chris Paul/Stephen Curry exchanges, you can see both of those here.

That play by Harden was also not the only bad one on the defensive end by the Rockets superstar.

This series has, not surprisingly, offered plenty of entertaining moments.