Twitter rips into USGA for making Shinnecock Hills too easy in Round 4

USGA flag

It’s no secret that the USGA butchered the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills. The first three rounds — and especially Round 3 — were an abomination.

The world’s best golfers got chewed up and spit out by this already tough course, thanks to some unplayable conditions.

After being roundly (and justifiably) criticized by both the players on the PGA Tour and golf writers everywhere, the USGA made major adjustments overnight, soaking the course and making the final round one that led to a birdie fest on Sunday.

One of the most popular players on tour, Rickie Fowler, actually set a U.S. Open record by improving 19 — NINETEEN — strokes from Saturday to Sunday.

Shots were sticking on the greens. Players could actually aggressively attack some rather favorable pins. It was a complete 180-degree about face.

Twitter had some great reactions to all this, with most people showing disgust that the USGA somehow made a terrible situation even worse.