Twitter reacts to Sparty unraveling at home against Ohio State

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Michigan State had Ohio State locked up in a one-point game in the third quarter on Saturday. Then, a horrible stretch of decision-making gave the Buckeyes a 13-point lead in the space of just a handful of minutes.

It started when it appeared Mark Dantonio called for an intentional safety — it was either intentional or the worst snap you’ll ever see. After the safety, the impending kick went out of bounds, handing Ohio State the ball at the 50-yard line.

Michigan State’s defense did an outstanding job of holding Ohio State in check, and forced a punt. But then the Spartans were backed up into their own end zone again, which led to the following disaster of a play call.

Ohio State pounced on the ball in the end zone for a touchdown. Suddenly, the one-point game was a nine-point game.

But the disaster wasn’t yet complete. On Michigan State’s next possession, Rocky Lombardi made a bad decision to pitch the ball backwards, and it bounced off the hands of his intended target. Ohio State once again pounced on the ball, and that led to a field goal.

In the space of roughly three minutes of game clock, Ohio State’s one-point lead swelled to 13 points, sparking quite the array of reactions on Twitter.