Twitter reacts to report Seattle ditched Kaepernick workout due to kneeling

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So, here we go again. On Thursday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Colin Kaepernick was set up to work out for the Seattle Seahawks, only to have the meeting canceled when Kaepernick said he would not stop kneeling.

Previously, Kaepernick reportedly said he would not kneel if he were signed to an NFL team again, but obviously his stance has changed now. The reactions on Twitter to this news were pretty interesting, as strong takes emerged from both sides of the argument.

There were plenty who believe the Seahawks are absolutely right to take this stance.




Many others were staunchly in support of Kaepernick, with some pointing out that this only further proves his collusion case against NFL owners.

Clearly, this issue is still as divisive as it ever was. And at this point it seems clear that Kaepernick won’t be suiting up for another NFL team, ever again. If he couldn’t get in with the Seahawks, then he probably won’t have a chance anywhere else, either.