Twitter reacts to own goal by Morocco in the World Cup

By Vincent Frank

In their first matchup of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Morrocco was playing Iran to a tie up until stoppage time.

That’s when Morocco forward Aziz Bouhaddouz headed an own goal into his team’s net to give Iran a 1-0 win.

Bouhaddouz’s reaction to the epic error says it all. It’s that time in one’s life that the realization of letting an entire nation down hits you. We couldn’t feel for Bouhaddouz any more than we do right now.

Morocco earned their way into Group B of the World Cup by dominating in the lead-up to the tournament. Though, they’re nowhere near the favorite in a group that includes Portugal and Spain. Losing in this manner won’t help matters. In fact, it could end the nation’s cup hopes with games looming against those two above-mentioned teams next.

And needless to say, those on the Twitterverse had something to say about Bouhaddouz’s historical fail.