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Twitter reacts to Chris Olave coming out of nowhere to dominate Michigan

Jesse Reed
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State true freshman receiver Chris Olave will haunt Jim Harbaugh’s dreams for years to come after his breakout performance in “The Game” Saturday.

Already with two huge touchdown receptions (including the first score of the game), Olave came up huge again in the third quarter. He came in on a perfectly timed blocked punt, which led to a score for the Buckeyes.

What’s crazy about all this is that Olave was relatively unknown before Saturday’s game. On the season, he had just five catches for 70 yards an no touchdowns.

This is how legends are born.

Olave’s huge game sparked some serious buzz on social media. Here are some of the best Tweets we saw about his monster performance.





Funny enough, Olave could have been playing for Michigan in this game if he had made a different decision earlier in the year.