Cavaliers wore matching ‘Men in Black’ suits ahead of Game 2…except LeBron

By Jesse Reed

Apparently, the suit shorts LeBron James wore ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a one-time deal. Obviously, that decision didn’t work out, so the Cavaliers once again went back to a different, albeit a known strategy ahead of Game 2, as the players showed up wearing matching suits once again.

Unlike some of the other iterations of this recent trend, these suits appeared to be straight out of the movie “Men in Black.”

The only thing missing there are some holstered alien blasters and Neutralizers for each player.

Twitter had some funny reactions to this latest effort at team unity by the Cavaliers.

Some fans remembered that this trend hasn’t exactly led to success on a regular basis.

Then there were a few fans who only cared about one thing.

Perhaps because of all that, it was pretty stunning when James himself wore yet another edition of his suit shorts outfit from Game 1.

Again, LeBron got slammed.