Twitter reacts to Gary Sanchez taking one for the team

Gary Sanchez

During the top of the sixth inning Tuesday night as the New York Yankees hosted the Minnesota Twins during the American League Wild Card Game, Bronx Bombers catcher Gary Sanchez took a baseball right to the family jewels.

And we’re not talking about one of those glancing blows or even a bouncer that got underneath him. Nope, this was a direct, bat-to-balls shot that caused the entire stadium, including Sanchez’s own teammates, to collectively groan in agony for the poor guy.

Here’s a look at the direct hit Sanchez took. But be warned: If you have not yet seen it, it’s brutal.

Somehow, Sanchez was able to pull himself off the ground, stand back up and stay in the game.


Here’s a bit more from the folks on social media, who encapsulated the moment as only they can.