Twitter reacts to Dana Holgorsen sideline meltdowns

By Jesse Reed

West Virginia football coach Dana Holgorsen is know as somewhat of a hothead, and he lived up to that reputation in the third quarter Sunday night against Virginia Tech.

The Hokies, receiving a kickoff after the Mountaineers scored the go-ahead touchdown, had a huge return by James Clarke. He went 44 yards and ultimately went out of bounds on the West Virginia sideline, after which he was knocked down, which resulted in a 15-yard penalty.

Then, on West Virginia’s next offensive possession, Holgorsen lost it, resulting in a 15-yard penalty on top of a holding penalty, knocking his offense out of field-goal range.

While Mountaineers fans may not think any of this is funny, casual fans around the nation watching the Sunday night game did.

Holgorsen knows he has an anger problem. He even gave up some play-calling duties this past offseason so he could focus on staying more cool under pressure.

It would appear he still has some work to do on this front.